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EDIT: have decided that my blog will be semi-friends only now... any real personal stuff will still be friends locked


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I had another jrock dream last night... I dreamed I was watching Alice nine's new pv. And they were all dressed in bunny suits.

You know... I wouldn't actually be suprised if their new pv WAS like that.. XDDDDDDDDDDD

and omg YAY I got C+s overall for spanish and ling which means I PASSED OMG. considering i failed my 40% exam for spanish cos i was sick on the day (like even moving my eyes hurt my head)





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Hello Livejournal...............................

I feel like a stranger when I go on my my LJ now....

Because I live on Ameba now...

Well, I'll try post pictures on here again..

It's weird I used to live in my lj but now it feels weird 笑




a post for you Ahn!!!!

But now I don't know wat to write because I'm tired and wanna sleep~

so have an awesome RADWIMPS video



I'm going to sleep now....... I'll make a better post later




today i went to the local....

SYRINGE VENDING MACHINE. yes, that's actually what it is. I lol'd, so hard.

it's just down an alley on whillis street if anyone in wellington wants to buy syringes!!! XDDD

also, i became a Japanese school girl

.... for the skit i'm doing in Japanese tomorrow... which is basically about going to Japan, basically kidnapping kyo and then doing karaoke with him, getting drunk off sake from a vending machine then trying to marry him. i'm actually being completely serious. IT WILL BE EPIC.

and, meet Som:


she's our sake vending machine!

I'm going to make another photo post soon... since i have accumulated many photos lol

L banana


I'm in such an otaku mood right now X3

I'm so addicted to death note, kuroshitsuji and k-on at the moment ;o; (and zettai kareshi, but that's a drama not anime)

And the fact that Nao is also watching k-on at the moment is just awesome XD I love how jrockers watch anime too lol

I realy need to stop watching anime now and study though lol, since i have five tests and a drama for japanese to perform next week! ahh such a busy week but at least monday is a holiday!

I've been greatly neglecting lj recently... i've even made some posts on my ameblo in Japanese lol

Also, I love the new L icon I just made. I was just watching it and saw him eat the banana and it cracked me up for some reason so i had to make screen caps XD om nom nom if i had the skills i would have made it animated.........

and please no one tell me anything that happanes in the anime i'm watching, i want to be suprised ;o;

anyway, I'm going to bed now, oyasumi ne



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I was watching a Versailles music video at uni today and the guy on the computer next to me said 'is that a REAL band?? O__O' me: yes him: what are they called? me: Versailles... they're japanese..?




mi dia fantastico es con mi familia.

nos levantos a las diez por la manana y desayunamos hace muy buen tiempo. Hace sol y  hace calor y no esta nublado o hace viento. Vamos en carro a Mount Maunganui. La madre senta en la playa y hermanos y padre domos la vuelta Mount Maunganui, despues nos almuerzamos. Porque hace mucho calor con hermanos nandamos en la mar pero mi padres no les gusta nadar. mi padres dan un paseo en la playa. por la noche vamos en parque y con timos y primos cenemos. Hablamos y juegamos al futbol con primos. regresomos a casa tarde. Mi familia se acuestan pero yo navego la red hasta muy tarde.

Anyone on my friendslist who speaks spanish can you make sure this is right?? XDDD; my spanish are faiiil XDD; it's for my assignment...

also i want to know if 'la mar es mucho bonita' is right...


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Today was rainy and generally not very nice weather for going outside in Wellington.

photo taken from my door

you can't really see it in the photo but it really was crappy weather haha. There's a lot of green there, it seems hard to believe that if you just walk a minute down to the bottom of the hill it's right in the city. Which is part of why I like living here.

I had a bad start to the day... while walking back to my room from the bathroom when i'd just gotten up, I slipped and fell backwards on the wet concrete steps, hurting my back and getting my pajamas wet D: [it was raining and mine and fang's room is like a sleepout... but attached to the house just we have to walk outside to get inside the main house for the toilet-which kinda sucks] really, for my safety I shouldn't be living somewhere where I have to use steps to get anywhere haha the giant bruise on my leg from falling down some stairs at uni has only just faded DX

But I handed in my ling assignment on time! and thankfully Jordan told me our kanji test is tomorrow [not wedensday like I thought] so I crammed kanji tonight, hopefully i should remember, but i have sometime i can study again in tomorrow.

And I got free bread! yay! one of the guys who lives here works for a church and they give him bread... so randomly every week there's some free bread here! it's great, it's always nice bread too like buns and stuff. And, being the poor uni student that I am I will take whatever free food I can get XD